Ends on March 31, 2019

Poetry Guidelines:

Poetry Editors Desperately Seeking Bite & Grit

We love birds and flowers--trust us. Camille is an amateur ornithologist, and Matty smells the daisies on the daily, but we are looking for poems that go deep into the issues facing our environment. We are particularly interested in work that explores contemporary movements in ecojustice and environmental justice. In Poetry Magazine’s January 2016 Issue, Melissa Tuckey writes, “Ecojustice poetry lives at the intersection of culture, social justice, and the environment. Aligned with environmental justice activism and thought, ecojustice poetry defines environment as ‘the place in which we work, live, play, and worship.’” #whatshesaid 

  • Submit up to 5 poems. 
  • One poem per page
  • Up to 200 lines or 500 words for prose poems
  • Please combine all poems into one document.
  • Format document with one inch margins all around and in Times New Roman 12 pt font. For proper manuscript formatting, see William Shunn’s Poetry Guide.
  • Please include a 50-75 word publication ready bio in the cover letter with your submission.

What we see a lot of:

  • Too much pretty nature

What we want to see more of:

  • Urban spaces
  • International spaces
  • Diversity of voices